Friday, December 30, 2011

Crafting Update

 I finally made it back into the craft room but before I show you what I made lets take a look back at what those girls were up to before Christmas.

I got a heart shaped rainbow pendant.  Love it.

Jeff's mom received one of the notecard sets and a butterfly pendant.  So cute.

Jeff got a notecard set too.  They used the flower as a tire.  I can't think of the last time Jeff used a notecard so he'll have to get creative too to think of an occasions to use these.

There were a lot of bookmarks going back and forth.  Can you tell who's is who's?

Now on to my latest project.  I started a (late) house warming gift for my brother but didn't have all the supplies I needed.  It has been so long since I've been on the sewing machine so I had to find another quick project to keep my momentum going.

Laptop Sleeve!

I used a combo of these two tutorials I found on Pinterest (here and here).  I was going to make a sash but it is such a sung fit that I won't need it.

I love bright colors as lining.  This was my fist attempt at quilting something... wasn't pretty.

But all in all I am so happy with how it came out and even more happy that I am finally back in the craft room.


Sarah said...

Nice work! I love the combination of the zebra chevrons and the fuschia dots. And your kids' work is really sweet too. A flower for a bicycle tire--so creative!

Cathy said...

What sweet gifts - all of them!

Leah said...

Loving the bike notecards! Now your husband can be the designated Thank You note writer for the family, right? :) Maybe suggest that he use one or two to write a little lovenote to the girls and slip it in their lunch one day...I did that a few times this fall and my 1st grader was SO excited, it's amazing what taking 2 seconds to write I love you does for a little person too!


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