Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simple Holiday Decorations

Every year I try to add a couple holiday decorations and get rid of one or two that I'm not attached to.  This year I decorated my craft room with a few things I bought at Michaels for less than $5.00 and some craft supplies I had on hand.

Mini ornaments.  Simple and festive.

(notice the dust on my craft table)

I gave the bookshelf a little detail but adding ribbon trim.

Finally a pom pom garland.  All I needed was a needle, thread, packaged pom poms and about 3 minutes.  I picked up the stockings as an impulse buy at a after Christmas Target sale a few years ago.

There you have it.  I think maybe we'll make some snowflakes for the next month or two then it will be time for pastel and flowers.  I'm so happy with this Ikea green, very versatile.

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LoriAngela said...

I noticed the touches and found them charming.


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