Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Giving for Kids

After my girls made gifts for their teachers I started thinkin... it sure would be nice if they could make ME a gift.  I love their play-doe cookies and all but it's also nice for kids to make things that aren't going to crumble or mold up on you.

I spent a little time the other day preparing some handmade gifts for them to make (well decorate I guess).  I punched and glued and stamped but after that I let them take over.  This was a great way to use up stored craft supplies I had plus I made a lot so they could make gifts for grandparents and each other.

I made more sets of note cards, gift tags, bookmarks (lame, but easy), pendants, pins, magnets and ornaments.

I geeked out a little (okay, a lot) and set the crafts up like a little store.  Then I got out the colored pencils, sharpies, paints, markers etc. and let them have at it.  They were SO excited to make gifts for everyone.  I'm not sure the guys in the family will be quite as excited about what they made but really it is the thought that counts.  I'm glad they see that giving is an important part of Christmas too and it's not all about presents with their names on it under the tree.

I'm hoping I get a set of note cards or maybe a pendant.  We'll see.  I'm looking forward to the surprise whatever it is.

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Kerri said...

Super cute! I love that it'll be a surprise for you too! How fun.


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