Sunday, June 14, 2009

Domestic Bliss

For the past few days I feel like I've been living as a 50's housewife.

First of all, I can't bake enough bread. Everyday I've made fresh bagels or a loaf of French bread. Sometimes both. Not by hand but with my new (used) bread machine. It is very simple and the smell just makes me so so happy. Toasted with jam and I'm in heaven.

Luckily the loafs are small and there are other people around who will help me eat them. I'm already thinking about these sandwiches for lunch.

While I'm waiting for the bread to bake I've been sewing up a storm. Seriously, sewing like crazy. The other morning I pulled out my pile of items waiting to be finished. In a matter of hours I made:

4 bean bags

2 zippered pouches

2 pairs of flannel pajama pants

and hemmed 2 skirts

I would have kept going but the girls needed to eat breakfast.

Then I was feeling so accomplished that I felt the need to fill the empty space on the shelf with some new fabric. Someday I'll get around to taking a picture of the fun new stash but in the meantime here is what I've made so far.
A sheer blouse. It is a little too long for me and I need to re due the sleeves but I love the color combination of the grey dots and lavender trim.

A sweet detail. It needs a little cleaning up but not bad for a first try.

I also made this (in about 45 minutes). I love everything about this dress. It is made from one cut of fabric, extremely light weight, comfortable and the fabric and trim cost me less than $4.00. I immediately made another one in black. The black does not have as much drape and needs a little tailoring. I'll take a picture after I pull it out of my to finish pile.

So, other people might spend their summer vacation at the pool. I bake and sew.

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Jess said...

Baking and sewing sounds perfect to me :)


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