Wednesday, April 15, 2009

$20 and Goodwill

I took some items to Goodwill last week and thought I'd take a look around. Here is what I came home with. Not bad for just over twenty bucks.

$13 = Bread machine. It works great. I'd have pictures to show you but we ate the loaf before I could get the camera out.
$2 = a great book. I've read it already but for two dollars I'll read it again or pass it along to a friend.

$5 = My new favorite jacket. It reminds me why I love the color olive.

$1 = potato masher. I needed one to try out a refried bean recipe. Yep, it has been one week without meat and so far no thoughts of turning back.
I also want to add that it seems I've been uploading pictures like a madwoman. This has resulted in a super slow computer lately. I need to look into a zip drive or something. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

Ooh, those are good finds. I adore The Time Traveler's Wife. Thanks for you nice comments about Vegan 'til Six I think you'll find the Mark Bittmann book a balancing influence. He's very sensible and levelheaded which I like.


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