Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I'm happy yesterday is over. It started off okay, but then went quickly down hill.

Here was the good part. My Weekend Sewing Trapeze Dress altered into a custom halter shirt. I made it short to begin with because I really need more shirts than dresses but had to make some changes with the straps because of some size issues. Somehow my straps didn't match up and the I had and extra few inches on both sides. This is what I ended up with. I think I could still take it in a few inches at the sides, but its done and I'm happy about that.

The bad news was that while in the middle of this frustrating project I got a call that my parents dog died. We got Sam when I was about 16, 18 years ago, so it was not a complete shock but still news like makes a bad day a really bad day.

A while later I was looking forward to a sewing break and some comfort food but this is what I found in my bread machine. An ugly mess. It was suppose to be zucchini bread with chocolate chips and walnuts. I only have to push two buttons, what is there to mess up? It turns out I hit the dough setting instead of the quick bread. I was tempted to start over and make another batch but I was out of eggs.

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