Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Embracing the Camera with Erin today.

I could write a book about that kid... and someday I don't doubt that someone will.  She is a one woman show.  A natural entertainer.

I am frequently told "that kid is a crack up".  She has a witty sense of humor and can drop it like it's hot while hula hooping.  She wants to be a famous singer someday although she doesn't really sing.  I think she just wants to be famous.

Just please, don't join the circus Erin.


Jen | Our Happy Family said...

What great pictures! Look like a great place for a walk!

Amanda M. said...

I love these! :) What a sweet girl ~ personality reminds me a little of my daughter!

Amanda M. said...

P.S. I live in Colorado Springs! Don't you just love it here in CO?!

Lia said...

Amanda: Yes we just moved to Denver a few months ago.


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