Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Denver Aquarium

The Denver Aquarium has been high on my girl's list of places to go.  Probably because we moved from the desert.

Usually I'm good with directions but when you don't know where you are or where you are going it can be a little tricky.  The map app on my phone and I were not friends today but the upside is we got to see a lot of downtown.  Big Bend.  Parliament. (Any Vacation fans out there?)  It was one of those mornings.

We finally made it and the Aquarium it did not disappoint.  Hello otters.  Flip. Flip. Flip.  You look like you are having fun today.

I'm not sure if last nights tornado warning* made people hesitant to venture out today but I was happy it was not too crowded.

We strolled along.  I let the girls set the pace and lead the way.  I have officially shifted into summer mode.  No work on my mind.  No place to be.  I love summer.

Along the way we hit the Mermaid show.  Three beautiful Mermaids showing off their swimming skills and teaching us about keeping the waters clean.  Notice all the guys with their cameras out.  Yes, I think they enjoyed they show.

The girls immediately wanted to go home and swim.  They told me they knew they were 'not real' but they swam through the rest of the exhibits with a fairytale look in their eye.

The Ocean is full of so much beauty.  Incredible.  It is almost hard to wrap my mind around.  I could sit and watch these jellyfish all day.

We finished up the day by connecting with some stingrays.

A little food (crappy salads and kids meals) but silliness none the less.

Peace out Aquarium.  I hope to see you again.  Thanks for another wonderful day in Denver.

* Last night were were woken up to tornado sirens at 12:00 a.m.  We turned on the news.  It was a head to the bottom floor, stay away from window, kind of warning.  The storm pasted through without a funnel in sight.  Gotta love the excitement of new places.

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