Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is why we moved to Colorado

 The beach is nice but a little too sandy if you ask me.  I'd take a creek over the ocean side any day.

The girls and I spent the morning at Clear Creek which runs through downtown Golden.  It is peaceful and relaxing but at the same time full of activity.  People come here to learn to kayak, bike ride, run, roller-skate, you name it.  There is a library, park, play ground and a farmers market on Saturdays.  I foresee many picnics here in our future.

Sitting here reading my book and watching the girls play... I can't think of any other way I'd like to spend the day.

They had so much fun giving their ponies a bath and launching leaf boats out into the current.  Ava had a close encounter with nature when she thought this snake was a toy.  City slicker.  She actually put her foot on it on purpose because she thought is was rubber.  I guess we need a safety review.

She also got a little too close to the water and soaked her feet and backside.  I had a feeling someone was going in but I forgot to bring a towel.  Soggy shoes never hurt anyone, plus I think its good for her.  Toughen up child, this is called nature.  We live in Colorado now so you better get use to it.  I agreed to shorten our stay with the promise we'd come more prepared next time.

After our morning out we did some chillin at home.

My new summer obsession are these Dreyer's Lemonade Fruit Bars.  Heavenly.  In fact I may have to go help myself to another.

Happy summer!

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