Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teacher Gifts

 I honestly cannot remember the last project I did in the craft room.  But the Kurtin girls have finally returned and could not be more excited about a two week break just around the corner.  Tonight we got busy on some last minute gifts for the teachers.

I don't know why I wait until the night before the last day of school to make something but somehow gifts for school always sneak up on me.  I wanted the girls to make something themselves to give as gifts.  I pulled out some blank cards and stamps and went to clean the kitchen.

By the time I was done I got a whole stack of these...

 Not exactly what I had in mind.

I gently reminded them that sometimes less is more and showed them how to use the edge of the paper to line up the stamps.  That was all it took for their creativity to take off.  They got busy on a new set of stationary.

 Here is what Erin made for her teacher.  A matching set of orange blossoms.

 Ava went with a variety of flowers.  We had a hard time deciding which one to put on top.

 The girls really had fun making these and are so excited to wrap them and bring them to school tomorrow.  I hope the teachers enjoy them.  I know I love getting things the kids make themselves (especially ones you don't feel like you have to hold on to forever).


Leah said...

Cute! I like homemade gifts too...who needs another candle?! We made chocolate dipped pretzel rods last year and they were such a hit that we did them again this year as well as jars of Chex Mix--easy projects for my kids to participate in and not too messy.

Lia said...

Leah - how funny, we did chocolate dipped pretzels this year too (for after school care workers). So good and easy.

LoriAngela said...

Those turned out splendidly! My daughter also made Thank-you cards for wedding and baby showers when she was young.


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