Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

 The past week has been a blur.  I had a cold the week before Christmas so I was not feeling very festive. I tried everything I could to get in the Christmas spirit, from hot baths and peppermint tea to red wine and chocolate, ultimately I just had to wait it out.  I scrambled to make cookies on the 23rd and was wrapping gifts up until church but in the end I got it all done.

Both sets of grandparents joined us for presents and yummy food on Christmas morning.  Everyone was happy.

I received a fancy new laptop.  She is slim and elegant, I think I'll name her Audrey.  I have been playing around with my photos today, hence the 60's vibe.  I'm new to Macs but I've had a great time getting familiar with it the past two days in my pajamas on the couch (sorry no photos, well there are photos but they're not pretty).

The girls gifts were pretty simple, clothes and little toys.

Ava has a new love of horses.  There were horses big and small.

Oh it was a very horsey Christmas.

I did some Christmas crafting that I haven't had a chance to post yet.  I also made a few things that were sent off and never photographed, oh well.  Now that I'm feeling better Audrey and I will have more stories to share.

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