Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anthropologie Paper Dolls


 I wanted to break up the whiteness of my new craft cabinet so I made two brown corduroy panels and a fun Anthropologie paper doll clothesline.  Now I could tell you how I made the fabric panels but I'll save that for another day because these paper clothes are too much fun.

To make your own set of Anthropologie paper clothes follow these simple steps.

Go to

Pick out something cute.  Price is no concern.

 Click on the open in new window button under the picture.

Right click and copy image

Now open Word, or whatever you cool Apple users use (I really gotta switch over) and right click again to paste you picture.

Highlight the item by clicking on the picture and resize your image, using the corner thingy, until the shoulder/waist width measures about 2 inches.  You'll need to change the size so you can mix and match your dresses, shirts, skirts etc.

Print on card stock.

Draw in some tabs at the top if you'd like to hang your clothes.  Will you feel silly, yes, but if you don't you'll forget to cut them out like I did.


And have yourself a little party.

Now go make your own Anthropologie clothesline.  And if you do send me pictures and links.

*To make the shoes follow the steps above but copy paste two pictures of the shoes and flip the image of one.


Kerri said...

seriously cute! I love the look of them. The room looks great too.

Agrigirl said...

Too cute! You know it reminded me of my great grandmother who would look at a dress in the window and then go home and cut a pattern from news paper and sew it.


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