Monday, September 12, 2011

Craft Room

The craft room is finally finished, well the big stuff is anyway.  Here are some pictures of the changes I've made over the last week.  A new rug, cabinet and desk for the girls.

Now isn't that grown-up desk much nicer than those tiny tables and chairs.  Big girls deserve a real work space.  Now can you see why I dropped everything and drove to IKEA?  

Once I was there I could not leave with out a bigger cabinet.  I've been dreaming about one place to store all my goodies.  Now I have my fabric, yarn, patterns, odds and ends all in one spot.

Not much changed in this corner but the hanging rod for my scissors is so functional and pretty.  I love it.

The second I spotted that green rug my mind was tossing the gross tan one out on the back porch.  In fact it's sitting there right now.  Doesn't it remind you of grass.  That color green is begging for a picnic and a nap. 

The girls "helped" me put it all together but they were still excited about seeing the finished room.  I love that it is now clean and fresh and bright but part of me misses the warmth of it before.  Wait until you see one of the little fall projects I've started.  I can't keep my hands off them. 

More to come.


Emily said...

I love, love, love the green! Oh how this makes me want my own craft room. :)

meg said...

that cabinet makes me drool

julie A. said...

Love it love it love it!!


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