Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ava and I headed downtown to the music store today to pick up a violin for school.  This year the fourth grade gets to have orchestra classes twice a week at school.  We are just renting for now but if she loves it we may look into finding one she can keep. She was interested in the violin several years ago but we decided on Kung Fu lessons instead.  She is so excited and can't wait to start.

I'll use any excuse to go downtown and The Chicago Music Store did not disappoint.  We just poked around at first.  

But she knew exactly what she wanted.

This young lady seems to be growing before my eyes.  

 I could have stayed a lot longer but she was anxious to get home and show her dad and sister. 

First lesson is Tuesday... I'll keep you posted.

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Julie A. said...

I love these photos - between Ava & the character of downtown Tucson, you have great subjects that turned into beautiful pictures! PS - did you happen to buy earplugs for the three of you that are not playing the violin? :-)


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