Monday, August 22, 2011

Gettin My Grill On

1/25s, f/5.6, ISO: 400

I'm not a big fan of cooking chicken but when I do I really go for it.  I've decided that bulk cooking is the way to go for easy, healthy cooking.  Lately I've been watching the ads for the natural chicken to go on sale at my grocery store then I buy like I'm feeding a football team.  Seriously, I bought 3 family packs this weekend.  I marinated them then grilled them up on Sunday.  I'll cut some into strips for fajitas/sandwiches/wraps and the rest I'll chop for salads/quesadillas/burritos/pot pies.  Then I just freeze a serving size in ziploc bags and I'm good for then next month or two.

I realize many people do this already but I'm just now catching on to the once a month cooking thing.  Tomorrow night I'm going to throw some over pasta with pesto sauce.  Yum.

Another manual photo.
One of these days I'll take a photo class but in the mean time my strategy is to shoot, make adjustments, and keep shooting.  If I'm way off I'll take a photo using auto and check to see what the settings were.  In the photo above I had the aperture and speed right but I needed to boost the ISO to 400 to get the right amount of light. 

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Amibeth said...

One day I am going to take some photo classes, too. :) I haven't taken one since college (film photography) and I'm due for a refersher (long overdue, haha).

I don't officially do the once a month cooking, but just from making full recipes (for a small family) and freezing leftovers (since we don't like to eat the same thing days in a row), and from doing my best not to waste food, my freezer is full of healthy meals or meal preps. I love it! This summer we've definitely taken advantage of the seasonals.

PS, you're photos are great so keep up your good work! Classes are nice, but there's no replacement for experience and trial and error. :)


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