Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Routines

Kickin back with my girls.  Don't we look happy and relaxed?  Well we were for about two minutes before dinner and homework started.  Three days into school and fourth grade has taken over our evenings.  It is not the quantity but Ava's pace that takes so long.  Reviewing times tables can hardly be described as fun but she has had the best attitude all week. I'm so proud.  Her teacher is extremely organized and communicates his expectations well so I'm sure that once we get the hang of the routine homework will pick up speed.  I'm enjoying spending the time with her honestly.  We've started reading together on the couch before bed.  It is awesome.

Peace out.


Ruthie Hart said...

love it!

Wendy said...

Great pictures! We have about 2 weeks before we start embracing a new routine ~ 5th and 2nd grade. :)

Melissa said...

so fun. you guys are so cute!

hilary said...

very cute... love the use of the mirror actually!!

Amibeth said...

I'm really looking forward to school starting next week (mine is in pre-k) just to be back into a routine again. And so cool that her teacher is male... we need more of those! :) Great pics with your adorable girls!


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