Monday, June 6, 2011

Roller Skating and Silly Games

We're getting into the swing of summer here and we decided to start our week off at the roller rink.  Two new skaters means I didn't feel guilty sitting this round out.  I have not had skates on since I was 12 and I think all three of us were happy I kept my feet securely on the ground.

Ava has been a few times but I'm sorry to say I think she gets her skating skills from me.  We like the carpet.  And the wall.

Erin did quite well for her first time out.  A little shaky, to be expected, but I have a feeling with some more practice she'll pick it right up.  Don't you just love the crazy decor?  I asked if the girls wanted carpet like this in their room and they just looked at me.  No humor.

Notice how all the pictures are taken from this side of the wall.  No big rink for us today.  Erin made an attempt but one foot in and she had a big spill so no there was no skating under the disco lights this trip.

I had to push them out on their own a little bit but they we sweet together and really did have a good time.  We will be back here again this summer for sure.

In the afternoon we played this game, Don't Eat Pete, I spotted over at Sparkle Power.  It looked cute and easy but I had no idea how much the girls would love it.  

 Basically one person leaves the room or closes their eyes while the rest of the players decide who is going to be Pete.  When the player returns he/she begins to eat the candy pieces one by one and when they get to Pete everyone yells "Don't eat Pete!".  You might pick Pete right off the bat or maybe you're lucky and get to eat a lot of candy before you find him.  Then the board is restocked and a new person gets to be it. 

(picked Pete on her first piece of candy)

Yelling + candy.  What's not to love.

Click here to download your own game.  And go check out Candice's blog, Sparkle Power, she is full of great ideas.

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Leah said...

Oh my, that brings back memories... I LIVED at Skate Country every summer growing up! My mom bought us the summer pass and dropped us off several days a week. I think the carpet and the painting on the walls is exactly the same! Fun. And air conditioned!


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