Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Planning

The transition into summer can be overwhelming for me.  I am by no means complaining but just thinking about all the ways I can fill a 10 week empty calendar makes my brain freeze up like I ate an ice cream sundae.  You see, I'm not a planner.  I like to be relatively organized but I'm very non-committal when it comes to making plans.  Here we are a week and a half into summer and I haven't signed up for swim lessons yet. 

This morning I started making lists.  I jotted down the usual summer fun activities that I know the girls would like to do, go roller skating, make ice cream, do crafts. 

Then I made a list of what I'd like to accomplish, eat healthy, get in shape, make gifts for friends and family.  Thinking about it is one thing.  Writing it down is another.  But visual motivation, now we're talking.

 So today I worked out.  Then we made cupcakes for a party tomorrow. That seemed to balance out nicely. 

So back to my lists, I've got a crafty way to keep track of our summer plans that I think we'll work on this afternoon.  Maybe we'll go to Target.  Maybe not.  There will be a cold beer and some porch time that is for sure.  What's on your summer list?

1 comment:

Leah said...

Here's my list...

And when I check everything off, it will be a matter of survival until the first day of school!


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