Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tutorials

Are you ready to do some more sewing?

This is a pretty girly post but for you out there with boys but I'm sure you must know a little girl or two. 

Today I'll be showing you how to make the Lazy Days Skirt by Oliver + S.  The pattern is free to download so click (here) to print your instructions.  The pattern is wonderful but I'm including pictures because I always doubt myself when I come to the ribbon trim.  Well, usually I'm extra lazy and I skip the trip all together but it is such a pretty detail that I think it's worth doing.  Or, at least, knowing how to do it.

I keep the patterns that I download in a three ring binder.  I have quite a collection of fabulous patterns so if you like this I'll keep posting more.  I won't do much describing because you can print your own instructions but I think the more pictures the better when you're learning to sew.

Selvedge edges.

1/2 inch fold.

7/8 inch fold

Edge stitch the top leaving 2 inches open to insert the elastic.

My bottom edge did not line up exactly.

So I just trimmed it to make a straight edge.

Here is where it gets a little tricky.  First pin the ribbon to the wrong side of the fabric.

Now sew along the top of the ribbon like this.

I always feel like I've messed up at this point but this is what it is suppose to look like when you turn it right side out.

Now flip the ribbon up to face the front, iron flat and stitch along the top of the top of the ribbon.

Ta da.

See, isn't that worth the extra work?  The white stitches are part of the ribbon, mine are in red and hopefully you don't see them.

Now, let me back up and show you where I messed up.
My tension was off because I was just sewing with a knit fabric.  When you switch fabric types or thicknesses your tension can get out of whack.

First I checked the bobbin.  It is not wound very smooth so that could be the problem.  I changed to a different yellow bobbin to see if that helped.

I grabbed a scrap of fabric and did some testing.

Still not right.

Just keep adjusting the tension dial one small notch at a time to change the tension.

 After multiple runs back and forth (I did about 10) I ended up using a piece of paper as a stabilizer.  I think I read about this in my manual, not sure, but it works most of the time.  Just pull out a scrap of paper and sew threw it.  You may have to keep adjusting the tension.  Once it looks right go back and do one more test with a fabric scrap.

I'm sure I made this seem much more difficult that it really is but go try a skirt or two or ten.  This is a great pattern for beginners because it is simple and cute.  If the ribbon stresses you out skip it and just iron the bottom edge under twice (like the top) and stitch a hem.  Like I said I don't usually include the ribbon.  See some of my other Lazy Days Skirts here, here, here.

When you're done share your picture with me or upload them to the oliver + S flicker pool.
Have fun!


Sarah said...

Ooh, that ribbon trim tutorial is really helpful! I've made the skirt twice but never done the trim "properly" (chickened out and used other methods). I'd love to see more tutorial posts--I download a bunch of stuff too and it's great to have a few of them "vetted."

I am too lazy (ha!) to upload to the flickr pool but I blogged one of my Lazy Days Skirts here:

Sushma said...

This looks great - I'm excited to try it! (OK, but the trim part stresses me a little ;) Thanks!

Laurie J said...

GORGEOUS fabric! wish I was a sewer ;)

Kara said...

Making this asap!


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