Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slug Bug

 One day when we were in the car Ava yelled "slug bug" and punched my arm.  Wow, I thought, they still play that game? 

Now we play every time we are in the car, minus the slugging that is.  We play back seat against the front seat and keep score like this:

"Red bug" = 1 point

"Old fashion white bug" = 2 points
Now that looks like it may be a convertible in which case it would be worth an extra point.
I was not lucky to find a crazy rainbow colored bug or one with mouse ears on this day but if I did it would be worth 10 points.

Seeing these cars has taken over a part of my brain that I can no longer control.  I was on my way to lunch with my mom the other day and I had to point out a red one and a green one along the way.  I even play when I'm driving alone.  This may seem a little weird for a grown-up to be doing on her way to work in the morning but I just look at it as a way to bring a little fun into my everyday life.  I still like to play games.  It makes me feel like a kid and helps me clear my brain of meetings and deadlines and responsibility stuff.  Plus, I really can't help it anymore, these bugs have a Pavlovian effect on me.

"Blue bug" = 1 point

The girls also have a fierce game of "jinx" going whenever they say something at the same time.

I stay out of this one.

What do you do for fun?

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Kara said...

Is that guy wearing short sleeves??? Argh!!!


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