Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project ReStyle - Week 5

This weeks project is pretty straight forward.  I am a speech language pathologist and I work at an elementary school.  Educators get a ton of catalogs and junk mail.  I have a stack that has been building for several years.  This week I pulled one of the top, ripped it to shreds and made a heart shaped paper chain for valentines day.

I also found this cool add for recycling as I was going through some magazines so I stuck it up there too.  It says "Go the extra mile, recycle your pile".

I don't talk much about my work life but here is a peak at my classroom.  See that fancy SmartBoard?  I'm so lucky.  We go on all sorts of virtual field trips and play cool speech/language games.  I'd love to spend all day in my craft room at home but when I'm here I really feel like I'm making a difference.

 Now back to the pile in the craft room.

I have an enormous stack of fabric that totally unorganized and driving me crazy.  Instead of sitting down to sew today I decided to pull it out and sort it.

I'm hoping this will make me a little more productive but even if it doesn't by brain is much happier.


Cathy said...

I love that paper chain! I might steal your idea ;)

Anne said...

I love your paper chain too..:)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello....:)

Cat said...

didn't know how to email you, so I will just post a comment... (delete later if you like.)
Do you mind if I post a link and photo of your cool heart garland on my blog? It will be under the blog post "Cool Stuff":)


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