Sunday, November 7, 2010

Growing Up

Ava seemed to do a lot of growing up all of a sudden. I've noticed an increase in responses like "whatever" or just no response at all. I wasn't prepared to get this tween attitude with an eight year old.

When I asked her to go work on her homework this is what she brought back to me...

All I could do was laugh. Which made her laugh. I'm glad there is still a lightheartedness that can break through her bad moods. Besides the stubborn streak she is beginning to ask a lot of questions about what it will be like in middle school. We talked about friends and boys and changing classes. I even used the opportunity to give a stern warning about drugs, drinking and smoking. Really she just wanted to know about the lockers and if they are magnetic and how kids decorate them. We ended the conversation by turning on the Disney channel and watching a Jonas Brothers movie together. I kissed her head and held her tight... because I still can.

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Julie A. said...

I'm laughing but also frightened: how do they grow up so fast? On one hand, I want them to stay little but on the other, I want them to start loading and unloading the dishwasher (ha ha). *sigh*


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