Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Costume #2

Erin was all set to be a princess until she saw Ava's costume. She wanted a special handmade costume too so my afternoon plans were put on hold.

After brainstorming ideas she finally decided she wanted to be a butterfly, a Blue Morpho butterfly that is.
The black leotard and pants we had but I had to make the wings from scratch. I grabbed some coat hangers, cut, bent them and taped the ends together then shaped them into wings. Next I took the wires and placed them over some black fabric. I cut around them leaving about 1/4 of an inch as a seam allowance. I could have made a paper pattern but I was really just wanting the get them done. Halloween is dark after all. I sewed them together leaving a hole in the center part of each wing so I could slip the wire in then I hot glued them shut. Erin needed some way to wear them so I found an old pair of black tights with a hole in them, folded the toes up to the waistband and sewed across the top making two loops. Then I hand stitched the top of the tights to the wings making them almost like a backpack. The last step was painting and glitter. I could have done a nicer paint job but we were running short on time. It was really all about the glitter at this point anyway. Ava helped out by making Erin's antenna and we were ready to go.

Another succesful Halloween costume. My how that little butterfly has grown, just look at those long legs.

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