Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little About Ava...

This week Ava's new teacher requested that we write him a letter about our child so he can get to know his class a little better. I thought it was such a nice snapshot of her life right now that I decided to copy and paste it here, minus a few details.

A little about Ava…

First of all let me tell you that Ava is so excited to be in your class. She was counting down the days until school started like it was Christmas.

Ava has always enjoyed school. She likes reading, science and social studies. It won’t take you long to find out about her fascination with dinosaurs. She loves to watch dinosaur documentaries and will read anything she can about them. Nonfiction books are always her first choice. Her favorite things to watch on TV are Mythbusters, nature shows and the History Channel.

Ava has a little sister, Erin, who just started Kindergarten. Although they are three years apart they are great friends and play very well together. When they are not getting along Ava is very good about using her words to express her feelings and solve problems. We do a lot of crafts at home. Ava can make just about anything with paper, scissors and tape. If she wants a ski lift for her Littlest Pet Shop animals then she’ll figure out some way to construct one.

Ava’s self confidence is strong but she still prefers to follow rather than lead. She works very well in groups and gets along with just about everyone. She likes to participate but most likely will not be the first one to raise her hand. Ava is a rule follower and will generally make a good choice instead of following the crowd.

My husband and I both work but are happy to help the classroom any way that we can. We are all looking forward to another great school year.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the classroom.

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