Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trolley Trip

Normally we are homebodies but we had so much fun visiting the Arizona State Museum a few weekends ago that we decided to go back down to the U of A campus and take a trolley trip downtown.

We did a little window shopping while we waited for the trolley then took the 5 minute ride several blocks down to 4th Ave. This street is sort of our local cultural center lined with bars, cafes, thrift shops and tattoo parlors. We walked a little then stopped for lunch (asparagus crepes with lemon cream sauce, yum!). Erin put on a show after her PB&J. I know she'll kill me for these later, but really that kids loves to entertain.


Kerri said...

hahahahahahahahaha! what great photos of Erin! I didn't realize her mouth could get that big! Oh, she'll love those photos when she's 16!

Kara said...

Oh..does that bring back memories! Love ALL of the clothes from week of sewing. So inspired!! I am on a hiatus until after moving and finding a new house, so I will be rearing to go, as soon as I get the chance. Many ideas to spring off of.


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