Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Trip to the Museum

This kid loves science, museums and anything prehistoric.
This kid loves to get her picture taken.

We went to the Arizona State Museum yesterday to see an exhibit on the Ice Age Arizona: Preserving the Naco Mammoth. Here is a little bit about the exhibit.
Arizona State Museum’s mammoth bones are the world’s most significant objects of their type and tell a story of a 12,000 year-old hunt—a hunt conducted by some of the earliest people living in Arizona. Clovis points embedded in the skeleton are the earliest evidence we have for human interaction with the colossal species. Excavated over spring break in the early 1950's by a student team led by renowned archaeologist and then ASM director Emil “Doc” Haury, the bones were rescued from an exposed arroyo bank near Naco, Arizona. Recent conservation study and treatment activities have rediscovered the remarkably innovative methods used by the team. As they did fifty years ago, the osteological remains stir imaginations.
We also loved the pottery. With more than 20,000 pieces it is the worlds largest and most comprehensive collection of Southwest pottery. You were able to see the lab and storage containers through glass windows. They also had an interactive display and hands on learning for kids. Ava looked right at home with the microscope.

Afterwards the girls ran around outside. The campus at U of A is so beautiful and a great place for kids on the weekends. I think visiting museums is great, especially when they are 5 minutes from home.

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