Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Day 7 - Refashioned and Basics

I have always loved the men's shirt to dress look so I decided to give it a try. It is sort of too long for a shirt and too short for a dress on my 5 year old (who claimed dibs on it) but it looks so cute with leggings. I intended to make some little blue Capri's to go with it but I think my husband is starting to worry about me. It is time to back off the sewing machine and tackle the laundry pile.
Oh, but all that sewing was so worth it.

Before I called it quits I decided to use some of the left over pieces for shorts. My girls don't wear shorts too often but the slides get hot here in Arizona and some situations just call for short. I love this floral fabric I bought at Joann's. I have the front half of a sundress cut then I realized I didn't have enough fabric for the back section. Doh! I have checked back a few time since then and it is not in stock. I sure hope I can buy more because I think it would make such a cute dress but I decided I could at least get a pair of shorts out of what I had left.

The button just makes it for me.

Basic blue shorts. Nothing fancy but I still feel satisfied that I made them.

Finally, I'd like to thank Talbots, my Kids Clothes Week Challenge sponcer. Without you I would have had to use a boring old plastic hanger. (Just kidding, I have no connections with Talbots I guess I'd just rather spend my money on fabric than hangers.)
  • Sewing related side note, I have not yet had time to post about the box I received in the mail this week but I'll give you a little hint, my Mother's Day gift was something that begins with and S and rhymes with merger.


shisomama said...

the shirt to dress idea works well here. i think i need to go through my husband's closet and see if anything good needs to be discarded and try it out.

oh, and i loved the talbot's joke.

Cotton Kiwi said...

Love all the little outfits and ditto with the worried husband. Our bedroom currently looks like a charity jumble sale with all the unfolded laundry! Very exciting Mothers Day gift!

Jessica said...

That shirt dress is so cute!!


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