Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

I am on Spring Break this week but I started to feel overwhelmed with every line I added to my To Do list. I thought, that is not what a break is for, so I decided to take the week off and really enjoy it. We live at the center of a resort destination and the same hills and bike paths these tops spas use are just a few miles from my door. I love to craft but it is not exactly an aerobic activity so I put my To Do list aside and started a new one.

Monday morning I did some quick cleaning so I could relax and not feel guilty about not shampooing my rugs. In the afternoon I went to the grocery store and returned with bags of red, green, yellow and blue fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday I went for a hike. We use to hike all the time before we had kids. I remember taking Ava when she was 9 or 10 months old in a backpack. The sun was hot and she cried the whole way home. We even ran to get back to the car. That was 7 years ago. Now being back on the trails I remember why we went so often. It was a beautiful 6 mile hike in 75 degree weather. Just about perfect except for the sunburn I got on the back of my knees. I was thinking about my friends that live in the parts of the country where it is still cold and was wishing they could be here with me.

This morning I went for a walk, got my haircut and painted my toes. I think I'll go finish my book out on the hammock. Maybe, just maybe, I'll do a load of laundry.

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Kara said...

Hi L-love the pics of the desert. Wish I could join you on a hike, some iced tea and maybe a little crafting. Ahhh...sounds good.


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