Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ava's 7th Birthday

Ava turns seven today.We celebrated with friends yesterday at our 'crafty' themed party. Despite the fact that invitations got sent out at the last minute 6 of the 8 guests (plus some siblings) were able to make it. We also decided to have the party at our house instead of the park just the day before. We were able to play and open presents indoors which gave us just enough break from the heat. We decorated aprons and painted pendants, pins and magnets that I put together with wood pieces and glue. After opening presents we finished up with pizza, cake and ice cream. It was pretty much a perfect party, simple and sweet.

We are looking forward to summer, slowing down and spending time with cousins up at the Cabin. Have a great year Ava, we love you.

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Ava!


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