Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Return to Crafting.

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Spring is a very busy time at our house. When I'm not planning birthday parties I'm thinking about everything I need to do at work before the end of the school year. I love my job but inevitably there are piles of paperwork, meetings and a list of "stuff" that needs to be finished in May. It pretty much dries all my creative juices. If I'm making anything by hand these days it generally involves food.

I am happy to report that I (with help from my SLP-A) tied up all the loose ends at work. The next day I packed up my family and hit the road. We've been slowing down and enjoying some mountain air at our family cabin in the White Mountains. My brother and his family joined us for the weekend. Jeff left today to go back to work. And right now the girls and I are left with an empty house, bags of projects and no return date. It is hard to decide if I should read, cook, knit or do art projects and play board games with the kids. I think over the next few days we'll be doing it all. I'll be taking pictures too so I don't have to post old photos like this one from last October.

But like any healthy relationship sometimes when you take a break from what you love you return refreshed and excited. So I say, Summer is officially here, let the creative juices flow!

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