Monday, April 27, 2009

Erin's 4th Birthday

Erin celebrated her 4th birthday recently. She helped me make these invitations from scrap paper to go with our recycled flags. A few balloons and a gazillion mini cupcakes later and we had ourselves a party. This year we decided to go easy. Instead of a weekend party we invited both 3 year old classes (plus a few other kids from Erin's school) to the park after school. They played on the playground, had snacks and ate cupcakes. I also passed out these fun Zoopal animal masks as party favors. I think I made about 40 of them which was more than enough. It took a little time but you can't beat the price. I decided to go with mini cupcakes because the party was from 4-5:30. They were a hit. I also found out the leftovers (without frosting) make awesome Saturday morning doughnuts.

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