Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A sick day

My oldest has a cold so we have had a few home days this week. This morning the girls decided they wanted breakfast in bed. They had been up for almost an hour, but breakfast in bed seemed like a good idea since that's what you do when you're sick. I didn't have any trays so I used a cloth napkin to cover a cookie sheet. They were delighted.

Dinner was so Delicious I just have to write about that too. This is the second pizza dough recipe I've tried and it is very easy. We topped it was leftover mushrooms, onions and black olives. When we make pizza the girls love to create their own. This is fine by me because I prefer not to have their hands on mine and everyone gets theirs the way they like it.

Although I did start a new Wee Wonderful doll today (pictures coming soon) I'm finding there are so many topics beyond crafting that I feel the need to document. I am so inspired by a list of wonderful people that I have changed not only how I clean my sink or what I make for dinner but how I think about money, where I buy my clothes, learning how to live more environmentally friendly. I would like to expand this blog to incorporate these adventures as well. I've thought about changing my name, maybe, but I think I ready to add some categories in the margin. Why do I feel the need to write this stream of consciousness? Well, it is part of my blogging journey. When I look back on my early posts and think of how many changes to my life I've made since then it's crazy. I hope it only continues to get better from here.

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