Monday, February 16, 2009

By Golly, they work!

I've been doing more poking around blogs these days than crafting. I can't remember where I came across green cleaning recipes but I thought I'd do a little more investigating. The ingredients were simple (minus the tea tree oil?) and right in my pantry. That is except for the sensational lemons from my neighbors tree. My mission was my husbands shower. This is my least favorite place in the house, city, well the entire state of Arizona. Needless to say I prefer sharing a bathroom with my kids. Okay, back to his shower, which happens to have a glass door. I have tried countless cleaning product on that thing but nothing gets the water stains/soap scum off. Scrubbing bubbles, CLR... the list goes on. There have been days were the chemicals make my arms tingle (and I do wear gloves). I was curious to see what a little lemon juice and some baking soda would do. I just cut a lemon in half and used it like a sponge. After letting it sit a few minutes I added a baking soda paste using the lemon as a sponge again. It created this filmy paste that I let sit for an hour. I rinsed with some hot water and vinegar and found myself staring through a spot free glass door. I was astounded (hense the length of this post). I can't wait to try this magic on the rest of my house.

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