Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scatter brained

Do you ever have those days where you jump from one project to another? I woke up this morning ready to go back to work (now that it's Wednesday) only to find my three year old has pink eye. Well if I have not written about my pink eye encounter it surely deserves another mention. I work at a school which means I'm much more likely to come in contact with pink eye than your average adult. Several years ago I had the viral (or bacterial?) kind that does not respond to the drops. Well to make a long story sort of short, my husband and the girls had to move out for a week. The irony is it was one of the most relaxing weeks of my life. I thoroughly cleaned the house, because I had the time and I was grossing myself out. After that I lit a candle opened a bottle of wine and put on Roman Holiday (best movie ever). Amazingly the house stayed clean, I had no one to feed and no diapers to change. Ahhh.
Anyway, fast forward to today. Three days off in a row caught me totally off guard. I thought I'd finish the doll I was working on but then got distracted by some magazines. Where I found a new recipe I wanted to try. Then I sat down to make a grocery list and I picked up my book from the coffee table. I felt like that mouse in the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book. The only thing I really accomplished is cleaning the doorknobs and light switches.

So here is a peek at my little Olive. Maybe, just maybe she'll get finished tonight if I can pull myself off the computer and make it to the sewing machine without getting sidetracked.

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