Sunday, October 5, 2008

A weekend in Mexico

Friends of ours invited us to Mexico with them for the weekend. We have been to the beaches in San Diego but this secluded beach was a completely different experience. We were the only ones on the beach and the girls were able to take in the beauty of the water and sand without stepping over crowds of people. Erin collected shells like it was an Easter egg hunt. She had her bucket full before we were half way to the water. Ava and her dad studied the tide pools and all the fun creatures the waves bring in. We got our feet wet but ended up doing most of our swimming at the pool. It is October after all. The food, company and relaxing to the sound of the water topped off the perfect weekend.

Their giggles stop me from whatever I am doing just to listen and take it in. The most beautiful sound I've ever heard.
We kept a journal of the weekend. Mostly as entertainment for the car but it will be a nice record for them to look back on. I have noticed I am spelling many more words these days.

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Melanie said...

what a wonderful wonderful weekend! Take me next time. ;-)


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