Monday, October 6, 2008

Health Kick

I've been looking for pictures of myself to send in to go in with my book interview. It seems I'm always the one behind the camera. There may be a reason for that, lack of sleep, limited exercise and poor meal planning. The photos I do have I'm not sure I'd like published in a book. More than anything it has been a really great motivation to get healthy again.
A few months ago I started walking with friends during lunch and recently I've been doing 30 minutes of yoga before bed. It's just a start, but I may need to get in more than my occasional jog around the neighborhood to see noticeable result. The nice thing is I do feel better and my family is interested in joining in as well. I'll keep you updated with my progress.

I found Ava and her animals practicing yoga one day. Too cute.


Melanie said...

that is SO cute! I need much much more than a few jogs around the block - like we're talkin' major overhaul here!

CC said...

That is darn adorable!


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