Sunday, March 17, 2013

Green and Pink

Happy St. Patty's Day.  

Spring is on the way and it's sent me into a little health kick.  I've been reading 100 Days of Real Food and it has inspired me to clean up our food choices.  I'd love to stop everything, empty our pantry/fridge and totally revamp our kitchen but I realize that this change will need to be a gradual one.  It is going to take some time to switch up my shopping list and learn some new recipes.  This morning I made some poached eggs and whole wheat biscuits.   Shamrock shapes and a little honey for dipping were my way of selling it to the girls.  They were a hit and I will surely make them again.

Yesterday we celebrated St. Patricks Day with friends and their new baby girl.  It was a great party.

I made this sweater for her a few weeks ago and whipped up a little hat Friday night to go with it.  I love the color and softness of the yarn and the pattern is just perfect to keep little ones cozy but not too hot.  Thanks Erin for helping with the pictures.

Pattern details on Ravelry.

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