Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ava in the Kitchen

 I got a little grumpy over the weekend.  I realized it was because since we moved I had not established household routines.  Like many mom's, I'm guilty of doing too much for my kids.  It was time to have a little talk and spread out the chores.  I found a list of age appropriate responsibilities online (here) and I really liked how they included life skills and chores.  The list had items like learn how to change a bike tire and cook a meal for yourself.  Ava really liked that one too and immediately asked if she could learn how to make bacon.

A few weeks ago when my parents were in town Ava did some cooking with her Papa.  They made Spaghetti Carbonara and she watched him make bacon.  Now she was ready to do it herself (with the supervision of her mom and a camera of course).

What is bacon without eggs?  Am I right?

Yum!  A proud new bacon lover in the house.  I rarely keep it in fridge but I think I may have to buy it more often for her.

You know who had to say "hello".

Less than an hour after our talk about being more responsible and helping out Ava had made an entire meal.  Looks like I underestimated that kid.  Little does she know that making dinner is next...

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Aunt Julie A. said...

I love this! I think I do too much for the boys, too. I'll check out the link you posted for ideas.

And I love Ava's red nail polish! :)


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