Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Final Work Weekend

It has been a long two months but we are finally coming to the end of our home renovation.  There will be a lot more to get done after we move in but the major  projects are almost complete.  The carpet for the basement is being installed tomorrow which is the last big thing needed to get done before we can move in.  Yea!

This final weekend Jeff spent cutting, installing, and calking the baseboards, hanging doors in the basement and finishing the painting.

Those are some mad painting skills.

My job was to finish staining the kitchen cabinets.

I thought painting was rewarding but staining, WOW.  It feels so good to take something dry and brittle and bring it back to life.  I love how they turned out.

Halfway through I was treated to a beautiful snowfall.  The only draw back was I had to leave the windows open for ventilation and it got a little chilly.

Finished pictures will be coming soon but for now I'm switching gears to cleaning and packing.  One last quick story to share.  We are hosting friends for Thanksgiving dinner so I figured I better start breaking the oven it.  I heated up a frozen lasagna for lunch and it tasted SO good.  Hard work and food out of a new oven makes me happy.

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Kerri said...

gasp! That picture of Jeff painting over the stairwell is terrifying. I would not have been able to watch that. Seriously, that makes my heart race just looking at the picture!


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