Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moving In Eve (The Big Post)

We signed the paperwork for the house on September 13th.  Here we are only nine weeks later and we will be moving in in less than 24 hours.  We've been so focused on what to do next that it was hard to remember what the house looked like before we started.   So here is my long post with all our before and afters.

All the scraping, ripping, hauling, stacking, sanding, measuring, cutting, nailing, filling, scrubbing, framing, insulating, taping, staining, and painting was worth it.  Oh, I can't forget the shopping, that was the fun part.  Time to pop open the champaign and celebrate.


Tile Cutter said...

Great and very useful post for all. Thanks for sharing with us..

Kerri said...

I cannot believe all of that took you only 9 weeks. You guys are machines. I've been working on baby's nursery for nearly 9 months and it's still not done!


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