Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Perfect Halloween

Costumes are not my favorite thing to sew but I like buying costumes even less.  With moving less than two weeks away handmade costumes were not going to happen this year.  Erin wanted to be half angel / half devil.  Okay, I thought (we'll see).  I took them to a Halloween store one day after school and what do you know, we spotted a half angel / half devil costume.  Ava didn't have any strong opinions about what to wear but she found a vampire dress she liked so we picked it up.  I cringed a little when we walked up to the counter but the girls were happy and I was happy because it was done.

Costumes this year were important because they have a big parade at the girls' school.  I didn't realize how big a deal this was but I'm glad I made the choice to stay and watch it.  All the kids take turns walking around the whole school to show off their costumes for each other and swarms of picture taking parents.

It was really cute to see everyone dressed up.  There were some very creative costumes.  The kids loved watching the parade.  I adore this picture of Ava getting excited to see Erin as her class walks by.

 What a turn out.  There were crowds of people around the entire school.

Teachers and parents got in on the action too.

 After the parade the kids all go back to their rooms for a Halloween celebration.  Parents bring in goodies and they get to take a break from math and reading to do some crafts.

We ended the day trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood.  It was a nice way to introduce ourselves to a few more people on our block.  When the girls filled their baskets we headed home and crashed.  Halloween is fun but it makes for a really long day.

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