Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Biggest Day By Far

Saturday was soda fountain removal day.

Getting this beast out of the basement was no small task.  The first step was removing a wall.  That was the easy part.  We were then left scratching our heads trying to figure out how to get a 700 pound steal box up a flight of stairs.

The ice box is solid but our only choice was to attack it screw by screw.  This fountain was put together like the Space Shuttle.  After removing dozens of screws we were able to get it into two pieces which made the plan for lifting it up the stairs a possibility.  Jeff's friends were out of town (lucky for them) so we picked up the phone and called some movers.  An hour later they showed up and had in the garage in less than 45 minutes.

It took 4 strong guys giving it all they had, but step by step they made it up.  It was worth every penny.

With the soda fountain out of the way basement remodel kicked into high gear.  Jeff and I spent Sunday installing insulation and getting the rooms ready for drywall.

It was hard work but the two of us got it done.  I can measure and cut.  He's tall.  We make a great team.

So here we are ready for a new ceiling and walls.  These rooms will be looking very different in the next 24 hours.  I can't wait.

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