Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grease vs. Elbow Grease

Our house was built in the 1950's.  Today I cleaned back in corners that I'm pretty sure have not been touched in 60 years.

I was going to skip the before photos because, well... they are gross.  But you really have to see the before to appreciate the after.  No judgement on the previous owners.  I'm sure they loved the house, but they weren't housekeepers.  All the cabinets got a wipe down, a good scrubbing and a thorough rinse.  Tomorrow I'll clean up the doors and get everything prepped for staining.

Jeff was busy today installing new blinds in all the bedrooms.  We had them cut down to fit but they were still too tight.  It feels like all our recent projects have required multiple trips back to the store to get everything we need but Jeff was not taking these back for a third time.  Somehow he made them fit.

They work and they look great.  One more project crossed off the list.

Wednesday was a big day.  We had the countertops installed and the appliances delivered (the after pictures are a little misleading because the cabinet doors are missing).

The countertops are a dark grey quartz.  At first I was wishing that we had new cabinets but after cleaning them today I like the contrast of the old and new.  The wood looks a little warn but the cabinets have character and add warmth to all the hard stone and stainless steal.

More before and afters.

 We found the fridge and range at the Sears Outlet store.  With prices at 45% off we were able to get the top of the line.  The fridge has all these fancy features like dispensing water in measured amounts.  Need a cup, it gives you a cup.  Awesome.

And the oven.  She's so pretty.  She's blue!  I named her Betty.

I can't wait to start cooking in here.  We've been eating too much take out.

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