Monday, October 8, 2012

Dark Walls and Dance Parties.

 The house is moving along smoothly.  We did some more painting over the weekend and I'm starting to see it come together.

Here was our living room before...

and after.

I wanted dark walls to make the fireplace stand out.  The color has a little more blue in it than I was planning on but I'm really happy with how it turned out.  We are also going to paint the wall on the left that goes down the stairs but we have to get the soda fountain up first.  That thing weighs a ton, I shutter just thinking about it.

We also painted a wall in the dining room red.  It is a little pinker than intended but with some furniture and different lighting it will be just fine.

Once the girls helped screw in all the switch plates and remove tape from the door hinges the rooms looked like rooms again.  Tomorrow the floor guys are coming to refinish the hardwood.  I can't wait!

And when the work was done they had a little dance party.  Those big open spaces we just begging for someone to spin in them.

I may have to keep this wall empty just for pictures.

Thanks for the stripped shirts Nana!  We love them.

We thought they we so cute we wanted to have a little photo shoot to show them off.

 (That face was serious, not grumpy).

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