Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cousins Come to Town

Jeff's parents and sister's family were in town last week.  We were busy.  I would have written about it sooner but I have been stuck on the couch with Olympic fever.  Go USA!

As the eleven of us drove around Golden I started feeling like I actually live here.  We took them swimming at our pool and up the nearby hiking trails.  We also got to cross the Coors tour and Rockies game off our list of things to do this summer.

Jeff listening to his self guided tour.

(Go USA!)

Erin was really into it and said she liked the smell of the hops brewing... we're in trouble.

We carried the Coors theme downtown to the ball field.  Nothing beats a cold beer at a baseball game.

The rain started to fall in the 7th inning but we were up so high that we were covered by the stadium roof.  Did you know they have one row of chairs painted purple that mark one mile above sea level?  (We were three rows below it.)  Even though the Rockies didn't win everyone had a great time.

Jeff and I took advantage of having grandparents in town and met some friends out for drinks after the game.  Our friends pulled us down to the The Cruise Room in the Historic Oxford Hotel.  The very cool 1930's Art Deco decor was a perfect setting to help celebrate their five year anniversary over a martini toast.  Congratulations John and Steph.

We had a great week/weekend.  The girls loved spending time with their "Chicago Cousins".  I can't wait for more people to come visit.  Who's next?

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