Friday, May 25, 2012

Movin' On Out

There is a reason why I two months have past since I last wrote a post.  Life has changed.  A.  Lot. 

I remember going to bed one night thinking "I'm so happy" the next morning life threw us a curve ball.  I won't go into the details but basically Jeff and I took advantage of an opportunity to make some big changes.  We decided to leave our home town of Tucson and move the fam to Denver.  It was one of those situations where one thing led to another and now everything has fallen into place.  I'm happier now than I ever could have imagined.

To say a lot has happened over the past eight weeks would be an understatement.  Jeff started working up in Golden in March and I stayed here with the girls to finish the school year and pack up the house.  Moving is a ton of work but getting rid of things feels so good.  I have made countless trips to Goodwill plus I've dropped off piles of 'stuff' for friends and family.  I'm sure I have a lot more I could give away but at this point everything left is getting thrown in boxes.  Oh the boxes.  I'm so ready to get this move over with and start fresh in Colorado.

In addition to all the packing we also celebrated two birthdays recently.  Ava 10 and Erin 7. 

Ava invited a small group of friends to go see Mirror Mirror at the movie theater. The girls were thrilled to get popcorn, candy and a slushy ($5 = sweet deal).  Everyone was entertained for 2 hours and I didn't have to lift a finger (awesome!).  The people working at the dollar theater didn't blink when we ate cupcakes and opened presents in the lobby after the show (easiest birthday ever!!).  I brought a bag of dress-ups, crowns, glasses and silly hats, and took pictures of the girls while we waited for their parents to pick them up.  It was a fun day.

Erin's party was a little more work but I'm proud of myself for pulling it off solo.  She invited a small group of  friends to join us at our house for a Balloon Party.  We played balloon games like see how many you can catch in a net and had a balloon hunt.  I also let the girls pump up Rocket Balloons and let them go in the house.  They loved it.  Finally, I made balloon animals for all the girls to take home.  It is amazing what hidden talents you can discover with a library card.  It was a sweet and simple birthday. 

So... the girls and I are picking up Jeff from the airport in a few hours and our family will be together again.  I'm looking forward to our many adventures in Colorado.  I'll be snapping pictures and posting on a regular basis again.


Kerri said...

sniff sniff. but, but, we'll miss you!

sush said...

Oh wow lia - i had no idea! we will all miss you for sure (and who will help me with my sewing?!) But I wish you many blessings in this new adventure - it will be exciting to see what new fun things lay in store :) Keep us all updated on your blog!

Moni said...


Congrats on embracing your move. I have been enjoying your blog for a long time, but haven't commented. I live in Boulder and work in Lakewood. Feel free to contact me if you feel lost, need a crafting friend or information, logistics..whatever!

sewmoni at gmail dot com



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