Monday, March 12, 2012

Caps for Kids

I joined Craft Hope in making beanies for their Project 16 - Littlest Warriors.  This project organized knitters to make hats for young Leukemia patients.  This project hit home because my girls lost a good friend to cancer just last week.  She was only 8.  My heart goes out to her poor family.  I can't even imagine.

Making a hat seems so insignificant.  But then again I remember when Ava was born how all those 'little things' meant so much.  A 'little thing' may be just enough to make it through one more day.  I still have a hat that the hospital gave us when she was in the NICU.  It made me feel that someone else out there cared.  That we were not so alone.  So I'm sending these beanies out with the hope that they bring a little warmth and comfort to a child.  And a little warmth and comfort for mom and dad too.


LoriAngela said...

The comfort they will bring is not a little thing, and your girls seeing your positive actions is so priceless.

sapna uppadhya said...

Very nice post.....


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