Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Smiles Around Here

 Notice anything different?

Ava got her braces off today. Yippee!   The braces were immediately replace by a retainer.  A hot pink retainer none the less.  And for some strange reason there is a cat on it.  Reminds me of the put a bird on it clip.  

And in other toothy news, this one finally lost her second front tooth.  The little guy started wiggling back in November.  She was making a Fruit Loop necklace after school and half way through the tooth went flyin. 

Fruit Loops necklace making by the way makes an awesome play date activity.  These are a real treat so the kids are happy plus I keep them busy and feed um at the same time.  Everyone wins.  

We never did find that tooth so Erin left a Loop and a note for the Tooth Fairy explaining the situation.

Only the poor Tooth Fairy must have been so tired because when Erin woke up in the morning she still had not visited.  I tried to make her feel better by slipping a dollar into her Tooth Fairy pillow only Ava saw me and ratted me out.  That did not go well... for any of us. 

Fortunately, Miss Fairy returned the next night and we were all smiles again.  Now if only the Tooth Fairy could freeze time. 

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LoriAngela said...

We had a very remedial tooth fairy despite the cute cushion. I was just too tired at the end of the day. Funny I have a little bottle of baby teeth.
Beautiful smiles!


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