Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Camper and a Cut

Ava's whole class is on a camping trip this week.  They left this morning for three fun filled days of learning in the desert.  God bless those teachers and parent volunteers.

Thanks to her experience with Girl Scouts she packed her bag entirely on her own.  Jeff double checked it all but she had everything that she needed.  Then this morning we walked to school with all of it strapped to her back.  I'm so proud of my independent girl.  I know she is going to have loads of fun.

Notice anything else about this girl?

All smiles now but yesterday I learned my lesson about cheap haircuts.  The poor little thing watched in horror as some guy hacked away at her hair.  I sat there with my nose in a book not paying attention at all.  When I finally looked up it was too late.  I saw that his idea of an inch below her chin was no where close to what we had in mind.  I grabbed my purse, walked over and calmly told him that we were leaving.  Her eyes filled with tears as I helped her down from the chair.  There was not much the manager could say but I was clearly no paying for the haircut.  We left with one side two inches longer than the other but I was not going to let him try to even things up.  What made me the most upset was he kept saying, "It's below her chin.  This is what you asked for."  Hum, I don't think so.

She was so sad and cried every time she thought about going to school in the morning.  So I did the only thing I could thing of to cheer her up... I showed her what my hair looked like in 4th grade.  She took one look at my feathered mullet and busted up laughing.  That is all it took for her to realize that it truly wasn't the worst haircut.  She decided that she was going to make the most of her bouncy Bob.


Aunt Julie said...

When she gets back, tell her that I think she's beautiful. And I like the new hairdo - it's a lot like mine! The best thing about hair: it grows. Hugs to you guys!!

kt said...

Ah...I remember my "haircut". Got it on a whim after an orthodontist appt at some place called Main Street. Ever since I have guarded my locks like a priceless piece of art!

Lia said...

No Way KT! Ours was on a whim after an orthodontist appt. That is just crazy.

Leah said...

Aw, he definitely had a different vision than you did! But, it's adorable...tell her that bobs are actually quite popular right now, I'm considering one myself! I bet she had a blast camping...


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