Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goal Accomplished

Guess who finished her chore chart.

We started our new chore system about 5 weeks ago (read here).  Erin has been completing jobs around the house with enthusiasm over the past few days.  She really wanted to earn her prize and did she did not mind working hard to get it.

She finished folding her last basket of laundry just as the seconds to the Super Bowl halftime were ticking down.  I pulled out her new Littlest Pet Shop toy and you would have thought it was her birthday.

I ordered the specific toys they wanted back in January because I feared I would not be able to find them when they reached their goal.  I have had them tucked in closets and the laundry waiting for their special day.

When Erin opened it Ava said "Congratulation Erin.  Good Job".  How sweet is that.

Happy kids.  Happy mom.  Folded laundry.  It doesn't get much better than that.

1 comment:

Kerri said...

good job Erin!! Way to help out around the house, I'm proud of you!!


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